Roots of Fight Muhammad Ali ’74 Tank Top

Summer is almost here and Roots of Fight is into swing with their spring/summer line. The Roots of Fight Muhammad Ali ’74 Tank Top makes it way to stores in April and features the “Float Like A Butterfly” theme made famous by Ali. The tank is made of 50% cotton/50% Polyester for a soft feel. Want to be in style this summer? Then grab this tank top

Roots of Fight MIKE TYSON BMOTP Shirt

Spring and here and the new release of shirts and tanks is in from Roots of Fight. Introducing the Roots of Fight MIKE TYSON BMOTP Shirt featuring one of his classic post fight statements on the back “My style is impetuous, my defence is impregnable, and I’m just ferocious. As always the Roots of Fight tees are made of super soft fabric , vintage dyed with a throwback look.

Cage Fighter Sara McMann UFC 170 Walkout Shirt

UFC 170 is a unique card which brings together two Olympic medalist in Ronda Rousey and Sarah McMann. Rousey grabbed the bronze in Judo and McMann was a silver Olympic Wrestler for Team USA. McMann could be Rousey biggest threat to date with her lethal wrestling skills and improved hands. Want to support McMann? Grab […]

Cage Fighter Daniel Cormier UFC 170 Walkout Shirt

Daniel Cormier looks to cement his place in the light heavyweight division and gain a title shot against the pound for pound best Jon Jones. To get that title shot he must earn a victory over the former champ Rashad Evans at UFC 170. Cage Fighter has released the newest Cormier walkout shirt featuring their slogan”Grinds” from the wrestling based company. If you are pulling for the AKA fighter Cormier , you won’t want to miss out on getting his walkout shirt.

Roots of Fight Mike Tyson NY State Games 1984 Shirt

Mike Tyson has seen a resurgence in popularity and no doubt his TV Show on Fox and the Hangover Movies has helped. Roots of Fight has brought to the market the Mike Tyson Shorts for Fall of 2013-Spring 2014. Featured is the Mike Tyson N.Y. State Games 1984 Shirt. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


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